About Us

The International Media Chamber Inc.

At the nexus of journalistic integrity, cultural exchange, and professional development, the International Media Chamber Inc. (IMC) stands as a beacon of innovation and altruism.

The International Media Chamber Inc. is a multifaceted organization that operates at the intersection of media, technology, and diplomacy. Its primary objective is to foster international collaboration, facilitate cross-border media initiatives, and promote cultural exchange. IMC serves as a platform for media professionals, journalists, and experts to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and collaborate on projects that transcend geographical boundaries.

The rapid evolution of digital media requires IMC to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This includes addressing challenges related to misinformation, digital literacy, and adapting to new communication platforms.

Annachi News

Rooted in Canada, the IMC’s mission traverses continents and cultures, forging meaningful connections within the global Tamil-speaking community. Its brainchild, the Annachi News website, serves as a dynamic hub for news dissemination and exchange among Tamils residing in Canada, Sri Lanka and India. This virtual platform offers a sanctum of verified information, catering to the nuanced needs and perspectives of Tamil-speaking individuals across borders.

In an age where information can be both a currency and a weapon, the IMC rises to the challenge of providing reliable, substantiated news. The organization’s unwavering commitment to ethical journalism serves as a cornerstone of its operations, fostering trust among its audience and contributing to a more informed, cohesive society.

However, the IMC’s aspirations extend beyond mere news delivery. With an acute awareness of the transformative power of media, the organization is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of media trailblazers. Embodying its status as a media charity, the IMC has embarked on a mission to train and mentor young enthusiasts with a passion for media. This endeavor, inaugurated in the midst of 2023, seeks to equip budding talents with the skills, knowledge, and ethical principles necessary to excel in the multifaceted landscape of modern journalism.

Underpinning the IMC’s operations is a triumvirate of distinguished media professionals who amplify its impact:

  1. Dunstan Mani: Founder and Visionary A luminary in the media realm for over three decades, Dunstan Mani has traversed the gamut of media platforms, spanning print, radio, and television. Dunstan Mani’s leadership drives the IMC’s mission. His tireless dedication to nurturing emerging talent and his unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity have laid the foundation for the IMC’s enduring legacy.
  2. Canagasaby Nirusha: Bridging Cultures and Voices With an illustrious career as a television newsreader in Sri Lanka, Canagasaby Nirusha’s journey has evolved into a global role. As the South Asian Bureau Chief, she orchestrates international media endeavors while shaping the future of television production and news presentation through mentorship.
  3. *Subramaniam Jayaseelan: Anchoring Truth in the Global Arena* As news editor for Annachi News, Subramaniam Jayaseelan epitomizes the IMC’s commitment to accuracy and credibility. His expertise in anchoring international news broadcasts, combined with his role as a media instruction lecturer, ensures that the IMC’s message resonates authentically across borders.

Moreover, Krish Harry, a distinguished consultant, harmonizes technology and modern media operations, safeguarding the interests of Tamil-speaking journalists in Sri Lanka through meticulous coordination.

While these luminaries steer the IMC’s trajectory, their efforts are amplified by a dedicated cohort of ten senior journalists who contribute their expertise voluntarily, infusing the organization with diverse perspectives and collective wisdom.

In an era where the media landscape evolves at a breakneck pace, the IMC’s central focus remains steadfast: to empower, enlighten, and elevate. With every article, broadcast, and mentorship initiative, the IMC fulfills its mandate to be a conduit of reliable information, a bastion of professional growth, and a unifying force within the tapestry of global media. Through its unwavering commitment, the IMC paves the way for a future where voices are amplified, truths are upheld, and communities thrive.

Future Directions:

  1. Virtual Reality and Immersive Journalism: IMC could explore leveraging virtual reality and immersive storytelling techniques to provide audiences with deeply engaging and informative media experiences.
  2. AI and Journalism: Integrating artificial intelligence into journalism processes could enhance efficiency, accuracy, and personalization of content delivery. IMC could lead discussions on the ethical use of AI in media.
  3. Youth Engagement: Fostering the participation of young media professionals and students could invigorate the industry. IMC could establish mentorship programs, scholarships, and platforms.

IMC with KURUVI News

Collaboration Between IMC and Kuruvi News: Strengthening Media Impact in Sri Lanka’s Hill Region
In a remarkable stride towards fostering responsible journalism, cross-cultural exchange, and community empowerment, the International Media Chamber Inc. (IMC) has joined hands with Kuruvi News, a prominent and dedicated news platform focused on Sri Lanka’s vibrant hill region.

A Shared Vision: Empowering Through Knowledge
Kuruvi News, founded in 2015, has stood as a beacon of insight and integrity within Sri Lanka’s media landscape. With an unwavering commitment to ethical reporting and a focus on the stories, issues, and achievements of the hill community, Kuruvi News has garnered trust and respect both locally and globally. The platform’s dedication to responsible journalism aligns seamlessly with IMC’s mission to promote media ethics and cross-border collaboration.

A Confluence of Expertise
The collaboration between IMC and Kuruvi News presents an exciting opportunity to leverage the collective expertise of both organizations. IMC, renowned for its efforts in fostering international cooperation and responsible media practices, brings a global perspective to the partnership. Kuruvi News, with its deep roots in Sri Lanka’s hill region and its team of seasoned professionals, contributes invaluable local insights and a nuanced understanding of the community it serves.

Strengthening Community Focus
At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared commitment to community empowerment. Kuruvi News has exemplified this commitment through its extensive coverage of educational matters within the hill region. IMC’s involvement adds an international dimension to this endeavor, opening avenues for cross-cultural dialogue and knowledge exchange that can further enrich the understanding and impact of these stories.

Charting a Path Forward
As IMC and Kuruvi News embark on this collaborative journey, there are exciting possibilities on the horizon. Joint initiatives could include cross-border reporting projects, media literacy workshops, and the exploration of innovative storytelling techniques. By harnessing the power of media to bridge geographical and cultural gaps, the collaboration has the potential to amplify voices, raise awareness, and foster a deeper sense of global citizenship.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Responsible Journalism
The collaboration between IMC and Kuruvi News represents a new chapter in responsible journalism and cross-cultural understanding. By combining the strengths of an international media organization and a dedicated regional news platform, this partnership not only enriches media content but also contributes to the empowerment and education of communities. As stories from Sri Lanka’s hill region continue to unfold, the world can anticipate a deeper and more nuanced appreciation of the region’s people, culture, and challenges through the lenses of IMC and Kuruvi News.